Passion For Jesus Prayer Crusade: The Follow-Up

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For eight nights, Haitians from all over the nation, gathered in Croix Des Bouquets to worship and pray together. It was described as a ‘beautiful sight’, a gathering so large that it was unlike anything the city had ever seen before!

On the first evening, around 2500 people attended the prayer sessions, worship, and teachings put on by Bethel Mission Outreach’s staff and preachers. By the third night, the attendance doubled and steadied around 5,000 people for the remainder of the prayer crusade.

“It was un-like anything the city had ever seen. Five thousand people together in one place, at one time, to worship the Lord. It was beautiful,” said Gary Hyppolite, founder of Bethel Mission Outreach.

Throughout the prayer crusade there were hundreds of salvations, healings, and most importantly heart-felt worship. One account of healing came from a  lady who had a tumor in her abdomen for six years. She described it as painful, burdensome, and extremely uncomfortable. After praying for the woman, Gary asked her to proclaim her belief in Christ’s power to heal.

As my hand was laid on the lump of her abdomen where the tumor was located the swelling began to decrease. As the woman prayed and believed God for healing in the spiritual, she experienced it in the natural,” Gary Hyppolite recalls.

As soon as it happened, the lady was brought on stage to testify to the Lord’s healing but she wasn’t alone. Many others were healed during the meetings and although this might surprise us, Hyppolite says that it’s a common occurrence in Haiti.

“In my experience it seems that the people of Haiti have great faith for the healing power of the Holy Spirit. They are more naturally prone to live with strong faith and belief in their supreme healer because they don’t have the availability of modern medicine,” Hyppolite said.

Most importantly, the prayer crusade served as a means for unashamed worship and praise to God. The real miracle is that God made a way for his creation to communicate their love for him through means of prayer and worship. It was in this time, in Croix Des Bouquets, Haiti, that His people came to worship him and commune through prayer.

Thank you to all our friends around the world who were praying for this event! We can not tell you how much your prayers empowered our experience!

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