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A few weeks ago we were happy to host a team of teenagers and their mothers from Strong Rock Christian School in Atlanta, Georgia. During their trip down to Haiti they helped us fascilitate several pregnancy informational meetings for the young women in our town. We were so encouraged by the number of young women who came hungry to know more about the topic and how it relates to their love for Jesus.


One of the first things we studied was a brochure defining the stages of fetal development. Even though this information is widely¬†available in the states, it shocked us to find out that many of these girls had never ever seen a picture of a 12 week old baby in the womb! They were amazed to see that even though a baby is only 12 weeks along it had a characteristics of a newborn! The ladies from Strong-Rock Christian did an excellent job tying in scripture like Psalm 139 with each of the stages and explaining to these girls the importance of protecting God’s creation even while life is still in their wombs!


Next, we shared Proverbs 29:18 and talked about the importance of having goals and a God-given vision for their lives! The ladies from Strong-Rock Christian helped demonstrate this concept through the use of a puzzle. Two girls were picked from the audience to help put together a puzzle! Problem was,they had no idea what they were supposed to be creating! As you can imagine it was a lot harder to assemble without a picture, but once they had the box cover to look at the puzzle was a breeze! Through this demonstration the girls learned the importance of an action plan and setting mini goals to achieve their ultimate dreams!

Lastly, but certainly not least, we emphasized their value in God’s eyes! Over and over again we emphasized the beautiful reality that God is their father and that He loves them unconditionally! The ladies of Strong-Rock Christian prayed with, encouraged, and listened to many of the girls as they poured their hearts out over the pain of losing their own parents or were struggling to find purpose in their lives!

By the end of the last meeting we were convinced that these meetings were a blessing to the women in our community! More than anything, we were just amazed to watch as the Lord’s spirit fueled our discussions on the importance of life, purity, and health!

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