How to Pray for Haiti

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When you first visit Haiti the poverty is so extreme and the level of need is so great that you begin to think, “how could this place ever REALLY change”? And that is the response many of our team members have had on the first day of serving with Bethel Mission Outreach. But if you give them a week in the prayer room, worshipping and praying alongside our Haitian prayer leaders, you will find that their responses change drastically by the end of the week. Just take Tammy’s experience for example,

“When I first arrived at the airport and drove through Croix de Bouquet, my thoughts were, “How could this place ever change? This is a lost cause! It is completely hopeless.” Then we arrived inside the gates of Bethel Mission Outreach. That night we had a chance to meet the young men who live at BMO and are under Pastor Gary’s discipleship. After hearing their testimonies and their complete devotion to their Savior, it began to make sense to me. God can take just a few people and change the course of history. The ministries of Bethel Mission Outreach are being used to transform the lives of young people and raise up the leaders of the next generation”.

The main ministry of Bethel Mission Outreach is to help others cultivate intimacy with Jesus Christ through prayer and worship. So how can you help us in this ministry? By simply praying for us and more specifically the Haitian people.

Here are just a few things you can be in prayer for:

  1. Pray and ask God to save the Haitian people. Pray for them to have a vibrant and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ their Lord and Savior! John 6:29
  2. Pray for healing to those who are broken in body and or in spirit. Psalm 34:18 
  3. Pray for God to bring Peace among the people and prevent violence, riots, and more crime. Psalm 34:14
  4. Pray for refuge for those who are homeless, have no clothes and nothing to eat. Psalm 82:3
  5. Pray for the local government to lead selflessly and efficiently. Philippians 2:4
  6. Pray for the nations of the world to be moved with compassion and desire to serve the poor. Isaiah 58
  7. Pray that survivors of recent natural disasters would not lose hope but would look to God for faith, understanding, hope and love. Psalm 20:7-8

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