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When I first arrived at the airport and drove through Croix des Bouquet, my thoughts were, “How could this place ever change? This is a lost cause! It is completely hopeless.” Then we arrived inside the gates of Bethel Mission Outreach. That night we had a chance to meet the young men who live at BMO and are under Pastor Gary’s discipleship. After hearing their testimonies and their complete devotion to their Savior, it began to make sense to me. God can take just a few people and change the course of history. The ministries of Bethel Mission Outreach are being used to transform the lives of young people and raise up the leaders of the next generation. When I think of the greatness of what God is doing, it overwhelms me. I’ve known Gary and Linda Hyppolite for many years and have always loved and admired them, but after actually seeing the fruit of their labor over the past 10 years, I have a new and very great respect for them.” -Tammy Brown

I encountered a new revelation of God’s love for me while I was in Haiti.  It is revelation of His love that allows me to minister His love to others.  Gary’s team, through feet washing, was one of the ways the Lord showed His love to me.  I believe in what Gary’s is doing at Bethel Mission and it is so evident that the worship and intercession in changing the landscape and lives of those he minister’s to.” -Jennifer Jacobson

My time in Haiti at Bethel Mission Outreach was truly a life changing time.  Prior to coming to BMO, I was afraid of traveling and leaving my daughter Corrine, but I knew God was calling Kyle and I to go. The Lord used this trip to begin the process of driving fear from my heart. I was so blessed by the staff’s prayers and it was a joy to worship with them.  The Lord changed me in Haiti and gave me a love for the Haitian people that I can’t explain.He birthed something new in my heart when I was at BMO and I will never be the same.” – Donna Tinkham

The trip was SO amazing and God showed me so many things. There are two things, however, that stick out the most. The first is the importance of prayer…from the very first day of being in Haiti, I felt like God was showing me what a privilege it is to have communication with Him…Secondly, God just showed me how broken and hopeless people are…[everyone is] broken inside and in desperate need of the hope that we have in the Lord Jesus Christ. We are God’s primary tools of showing and telling that hope to others.” -Devon

The revival services had such an impact on my life. I have never seen people worship God like that. The people danced, shouted, cried, laughed and praised him.It was incredible to see people who had such hard lives worshiping God with fullness of Joy! I will be forever changed from this trip. Since leaving and coming home I can tell I’m growing in intimacy with God more than ever. I seriously think I heard from the Lord while I sat inThe House of Prayer and during the trip more than I ever have in my entire life.” -Justin Altridge

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