Fresh Water for Hundreds

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As many of you know there has been a deadly epidemic of cholera sweeping the nation of Haiti. Sadly, many people have died even in the Croix Des Bouquets area. In response to this outbreak of disease we have taken extra measures to ensure the health of the children in our school and the families in our area.

Within the grounds of the new school building we are installing a water purification system that will draw water from a fresh water from an underground well. This water purification system will be open to the children in our school and it will provide clean drinking water to more than 180 families in our community. In other words, this simple well will impact roughly 500 people on a daily basis! This is the first public water source in our area that is free from harmful bacteria. Therefore, it will not only help to minimize the cholera threat, which is a water-bourne disease, but it will also help to minimize parasites and other harmful bacteria that are common among the people.

This is just one more way in which Bethel Mission Outreach is sharing the love of Christ through practical acts of compassion and disaster relief.

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