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Looking Forward With HOPE

As we all know, just one short year ago Haiti was devastated by an earthquake that claimed over 200,000 lives. We are continuing to work among the poor and the destitute in our region and we believe that God is going to restore this beautiful nation. Please continue to pray with us as we seek the heart of the Father for 2011.

Instead of posting a heart-wrenching reminder of what happened on January 12, 2010 we have decided to post an update of hope and encouragement. We know the situation in Haiti is still very difficult and we do not deny the pain that many people are still enduring. However, in the midst of the pain and destruction we are seeing great resilience among the people in our area. They are picking their lives up from the rubble and they are pressing onward.

At Bethel Mission Outreach we continue to point all who will listen toward the final source of true hope, joy and peace. His name is Jesus Christ. Our school has long been repaired and re-opened since it was partially destroyed. The children are back by the hundreds and their families are grateful that their education continues. Our feeding program and building project are under way as we press forward with our disaster relief initiatives in Croix Des Bouquets. We are installing public water facilities and providing jobs for many construction workers and teachers as well.

In short, life goes on. Even after the searing pain of loss, life relentlessly presses onward. Our prayer for the people in our area is that their life after the earthquake will be built on the solid foundation of Christ which can never be shaken.

Please take a moment to pray for the people of Haiti. Ask God to send out His Gospel with power and clarity.

Grace and Peace.

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