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“A Dream Come True”

A few months ago the electricity went out in our home. We scrambled to find candles, matches, flashlights or anything else that would shed light into the darkness. An hour later, our hot water heater stopped working, our toilets wouldn’t flush, and we found ourselves storing the food that was previously in the refrigerator and freezer in coolers to avoid spoiling.

In a moment, the way we lived our lives drastically changed. Things that were once effortless were now impossible to be done. The privilege of electricity was taken from us and we had to find a new way to take showers, store food, flush our toilets, cook our food, and light up our home when the sun set.

Cutting down trees for electrical poles

Imagine never having the privilege of electricity…

This is the reality of millions in Haiti and that is why Bethel Mission Outreach has taken steps to make a dream possible for 130 families in it’s community.

For the first time in their lives, the people of Croix Des Bouquets will be able to purchase meters from the state-owned electrical company and have electricity in their homes. This is a huge feet and one that will bring monumental changes to the way life is lived.

“Children will no longer have to live afraid of the dark,” said one local man. “Families who dream of having a fridge will be able to have one and preserve food. Women will no longer have to give birth in the darkness and evening activities will now be possible!”

Log truck bringing electrical poles to Croix Des Bouquets

Another gentleman described the electrical project as one that will bring “spiritual benefits” to the community.”I believe that once this is finished it will be a testament to the hearts of our people. Power and light are going to break in like a virus and the darkness will have to flee. It will directly affect the entire population.”

When it’s all said and done, Bethel Mission Outreach will have funded a $26,500 project to bring electrical wiring, poles, and transformers to Croix Des Bouquets, Haiti. This project has also provided many jobs for the local people and helped to boost the local economy.

Men carrying 35-ft electrical poles

“What has amazed me most about this entire project has been the desire and willingness of the community to work together to make this dream possible,” said Gary Hyppolite, the founder and director of Bethel Mission Outreach. “As soon as the log truck arrived, we had men carrying 35-ft poles by hand to their designated spots. I have never seen anything like it.”

It is Bethel Mission Outreach’s goal to have the transformers installed and the project completed by the end of this month.

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  1. AJ says:

    That’s awesome!!! Great job guys, I enjoy reading the updates and changes brought to the lives of the people in Croix!

  2. I love this project, Id like to help if needed.

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