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Proud new owners of a brand new home are Judith and her husband Mario!  Judith and Mario have been married for eleven years. The couple has three children and, like most Haitian families, they have struggled to find ways to provide financially for the basic necessities of life. With no available jobs in the marketplace Mario started a business selling local products such as corn mill and jelly. Slowly, the business began to grow and life seemed to be improving.

But on January 12, 2010, the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that killed and destroyed most of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, also brought destruction to Judith and Mario’s world. Their home was destroyed and they had no immediate family to provide shelter or help. Their only option was to squeeze their 5 person family into an 8X10 shed behind a friend’s house. This is where they would sleep and call home for the next year and a half.

Mario, Judith and their family had been coming to our church for several months before we discovered their living situation. Our hearts were broken after we visited their home for the first time and we knew we had to do something.   We got to work, and within a few months Mario and Judith were owners of a brand new home for the first time in their lives.

Only God could have done such a miracle. I have been married for 11 years we never own anything like that. This house is a testimony to me and every believer that God is, and there is none like Him . . . -Judith

This testimony is just the beginning of many more permanent housing structures that we are planning to build. The need is overwhelming, but with God’s help the gospel is going forth with practical works of justice!

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