Disaster Relief

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Hope in the Midst of Tragedy

The eyes of the world turned to Hiati this year when a massive 7.0 magnitude earthquake devastated an already fragile nation. In light of this disaster we have decided to to initiate a re-building project for local families in Croix Des Bouquets. Our goal is to build as many homes as we are financially able.

All across the nation there are tent cities being formed. The Haitians have no resources to rebuild their homes which have been destroyed so they are resorting to tents. The tent structures are made from sticks, bed sheets, debris, and tarps (where available). When it rains the conditions become unbearable. Disease is rampant, there is no protection from stifling heat, and there is no clean water. In these conditions people die easily and often.

We are going to meet this urgent need by rebuilding homes for families with young children who are in the greatest need. We have already pre-fabricated 50 roof structures that are in the process of being shipped to Haiti even now. Below you can see an architectural layout for the future homes that are going to be built.