Church Planting

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Our Vision

Our vision is to plant as many churches across the nation of Haiti as the Lord will allow. There is a great need throughout this land for Biblically based churches that proclaim the gospel, exalt Jesus, and walk in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Sadly, Haiti is filled with churches that are established on a mixture of Christianity, Voodoo, and Catholicism. Idolatry has permeated the culture and most people are only willing to follow Christ as long as He will provide them with health and prosperity. If He fails to meet their temporal ‘needs’ then they often turn back to the rituals of Voodoo. In short, Religion has become a tool to gain favor and wealth. It is rare to find someone who truly understands what it means to have a ‘relationship’ with Jesus on a personal level.

Our vision to plant churches begins with discipling and training the young adults whom God has placed in our care. At Bethel Mission Outreach we are called to raise up young men and women who are rooted and grounded in the love of God. Like strong trees that will not be shaken by the winds of adversity, they will proclaim the truths of Scripture and lead a generation into authentic relationships with God.

A Sunday Morning Service