A Rejuvenating Experience: Tori McRoberts Testimonial

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After returning from her trip to Croix Des Bouquets, Haiti, it took Tori a few days to put into words the incredible impact that her time at Bethel Mission Outreach had on her.

“I was speechless. Every time I tried to find the words to explain my time at Bethel Mission Outreach to friends or family I was at a loss. Words just didn’t seem to do justice to all the feelings that were going on inside of me.”

But eventually Tori did find the words and the one word that stuck out to her most was ‘freedom’.

Despite the incredible poverty and political oppression of the Haitian population Tori was still able to recognize a measure of supernatural freedom on base at Bethel. “You didn’t so much see it outside of Croix Des Bouquets, most people in the city seemed used to how they were living, but it was much different on base. Everyone is full of joy, and life, and you can tell that there is a measure of freedom in Christ to be had on base,” Tori explained.

Before leaving for Haiti, Tori said she had no expectations seeing as it was her first missions trip. It was a spontaneous decision but one that Tori describes as rejuvenating.

“You might not expect a trip to Haiti to be rejuvenating but for me it was! You are surrounded by a group of people who have had to deal with really hard circumstances and yet are full of joy and devotion to the Lord. It’s evident that there is a greater power at work and it was rejuvenating to my soul to be a part of it,” she said.

Tori now is compelled to return to Haiti in the future and invest in the work that is going on at Bethel Mission Outreach.

“If any of my friends are looking to give to a ministry I am going to insist that they invest in what’s going on at Bethel in Haiti,” She said. “After seeing it with my own eyes and experiences the changes in my own heart I believe wholeheartedly in what they are doing!

You too can invest in the work God is doing at Bethel Mission Outreach. Your donations go directly to the ministry to help fund the children’s school, meals for students, fresh water, building projects, and so much more! Just go to the “donate” link at the top of the page and sign up today!


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