The Wonder of the Holidays & the Incarnate God

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For many, the holiday season is the most magical time of the year. The excitement and anticipation that surrounds family gatherings, traditions, and gift giving create a wonder in our hearts for more; more time with our families, more surprises to be had on Christmas morning, and more joy in our lives! We dream big dreams and wish big wishes in hopes that on Christmas day, all our wishes will become reality!

This wonder, believe it or not, is exactly what Christ Jesus intended to create in our hearts when he was born of the virgin Mary 2000 years ago. The wonder surrounding his incarnation (God becoming man) should stir us to believe in the impossible…wish for the eternal…and dream of happily ever afters!

This is the kind of wonder that Christ has created in the hearts of those working alongside Bethel Mission Outreach. From the founders, the churches, the workers, the financial and prayerful supporters, to those who are giving their time to serve on base…every one of them is living in the reality of the wonder of Christ year round!

So why not keep the wonder going in your life too? Why not live every day with anticipation and excitement for the day of Christ’s return? And why not show our exceeding hope to others by way of service, love, and evangelism this holiday season and throughout the whole year?

The joys of Christmas morning will come and go but “where the Lord Jesus Christ is our joy is complete. In his hand there are pleasures for ever and ever!” Psalm 16:11

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