2011 Christmas Shoe Box Give-Away

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Christmas morning is always a novelty in our minds. Whether its family traditions, the idea of being together, exchanging gifts,or remembering that God gave us the greatest gift of all, there is always something each of us look forward to! For Bethel Mission Outreach, it’s the perfect day to thrill the hearts of the poor around them. It’s the perfect time to show them that love has really come and show it tangibly.

So for the past six years, Bethel Mission Outreach has carried on a Christmas tradition that does just that! On December 25th a celebration is held at the mission base and is open to the entire city! Buses are sent out into the streets to gather children, families, and friends and bring them back for fellowship, worship, and gift exchanges.

Somehow we gave out over a thousand boxes on base and had enough left over to donate to 6 other organizations and orphanages…it was a miracle! -Gary Hyppolite

The celebration begins with a church service, sharing the good news of the gospel and filled with joyful worship for Christ’s birth. This part of the celebration goes on for hours and concludes with a call to salvation.

This year, many responded to the call of salvation, so many in fact that the altar spilled over into the crowds making it seem like the whole congregation was responding!

“It was truly remarkable,” said Gary Hyppolite founder and director of BMO,”the Haitian people have such a heart for prayer and worship and it was such a privilege to watch the Spirit move in their hearts.”

Afterwards, children divided up into groups to receive their only present of the day, a shoe box filled with goodies and surprises! There were even gifts for adults like sleeping cots and hygiene products.

“We counted a thousand and two shoe boxes when we unloaded them, but somehow we gave out over a thousand boxes on base and had enough left over to donate to 6 other organizations and orphanages…it was a miracle”, Hyppolite said.

This year’s shoe box give away almost did not happen because the container holding them was not being released at port by the authorities.

“We prayed and prayed for the Lord to make a way and on December 23rd the officials gave us the go ahead to retrieve our boxes. We were worried sick but God proved himself faithful once again,” said Hyppolite.

Already Bethel Mission Outreach is in the process of collecting boxes for next year so that they will be shipped further in advance to next years holiday. If you or your church family are  interested in being a part of the shoe box give away please contact Bethel Mission Outreach through the contact page!

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