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Without a doubt discipleship is one of the most important aspects of our mission base. In Haiti there are many new converts coming out of lifestyles of Voodoo and paganism who have never been exposed to authentic Christianity. After they accept Jesus as their personal savior there is a long road ahead.

As is true for any new convert they must unlearn many things about God that they once believed to be true. They also have to learn to depend on Jesus for everything and no longer turn to ancestral spirits or demonic powers. This process does not happen naturally or easily. It requires discipleship, training, and a willingness to walk with them through the difficulties of life.

At Bethel Mission Outreach we believe that the most effective way to disciple¬†a new convert is to teach them how to ‘talk’ to God for themselves (aka: prayer) and to teach them how to study their Bible. Many aspects of the Christian faith cannot be grasped until there is a personal revelation or encounter with Jesus. Therefore we have established an environment of worship and prayer at the mission base where new believers can come and encounter God.