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Our Philosphy

Child sponsorship is a wonderful, god-given means of providing thousands of children worldwide with education and essential health needs. However, as with every powerful idea, there are always pitfalls. Consider the following: How do children feel when their friend is sponsored and they are not? What signals are we sending when child sponsorship becomes more about material gifts (new backpacks, school supplies, shoes, clothes, etc.) than meeting eternal needs? How do you facilitate a child sponsorship program where each child is able to benefit equally and there is not a spirit of competition or pride among the kids?

These are all questions that we had to consider before we launched the child sponsorship program at Bethel Mission Outreach. Furthermore, these are the types of questions that led us to design our sponsorship program with prayer and intentionality.

Our goal in running the ‘Love of Christ School’ is to provide each child with an equal amount of love and attention. We don’t want any child to feel inferior or excluded. Therefore, when you decide to sponsor a child your money is used to benefit the entire program. It is used to pay for food, clean water, teacher salaries, and basic medical needs for the entire student body. In a sense, your child is small representative of the greater student body. By linking your sponsorship with a specific child it will put a face and a name to every dollar you choose to give. Your money is directly benefiting your child, but it is also benefiting 299 other children.

You will be able to write letters to your child and you will receive periodic updates. However, you will not be allowed to send any gifts or additional money to your child. Often, despite the good intentions, gifts and money which are given to children can create animosity and jealousy among the students.

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