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Bethel Mission Outreach At A Glance from Jonathan Hansen on Vimeo.

The Dream

We believe that God is going to restore the nation of Haiti at every level. This nation, which has been marked by poverty, corruption, disease, oppression and death can and will be changed. Through the combined efforts of faith based NGO’s, non-profits, and mission organizations there is still hope. However, this change is not going to happen overnight. It will take generations of sacrifice, patient endurance, and a unified effort toward a massive cultural shift.

Our dream is to reach the children. The future of Haiti rests on their shoulders. Generational mindsets which threaten to perpetuate a culture of poverty, laziness, and corruption can be broken. If we can reach the children of Haiti with the live giving message of the Gospel and provide them with a quality education then cultural change is inevitable. They need men and women who will model integrity, strong work ethic, and above all authentic faith.

The Mission

Bethel Mission Outreach is multifaceted mission organization located in Croix Des Bouquets, Haiti. In light of the recent disaster we believe that our mission is to spread the hope of the Gospel to the people in our community through practical acts of compassion and 24/7 prayer. We have been working in Haiti since 2002 and believe that now is the time to act. Men and women throughout this nation are looking for answers and we are called to point them to the only answer, Jesus Christ. We hope that our work will also awaken an awareness to suffering, poverty and the needs of the Haitian people.

The Vision

Our vision is to provide a bright future for uneducated children, equip the poor with tools for personal and social transformation, and establish local churches founded on night and day prayer. Restoration and reconciliation are at the heart of our vision for Haiti. We are spreading a message of hope to those in the darkest places by introducing them to the life-changing love of Jesus Christ.