Day: December 18, 2022

Dominican Republic Update December 18, 2022

Hello again Saints of the Living God!

These pictures and videos are from a sugar cane plantation we recently visited. We were blessed to be able to minister to the families including the children. These types of places in Spanish are call Batey.  It’s a plantation for migrant workers and their families. The majority of the people there are Haitian.  Their job is to cut sugar cane to make sugar & sell abroad; Brands like Domino Sugar we often purchase at our local super market.  These types of plantations are everywhere in the Dominican Republic.  These workers live in extremely poor conditions with no electricity or indoor plumbing.  There’s no pavement, it’s all dirt so when it rains, it’s a mess!  There are no playgrounds for the hundreds of children, even though we did see a basketball court but not sure if anyone plays on it. The mosquitoes are ferocious!! And because of the deteriorating security, social economy, & political situation in Haiti, the people have no choice but to adjust.


So far we have preached the Gospel in 3 different cities, served more than 500 hot meals, distributed over 400 Christmas gift bags plus 100 non-perishable food kits weighing 20 lbs each   We still have nearly 200 hundred more food kits to distribute. 

More importantly, we praise God for the souls that are being saved at each event!

There are many boys and girls between the ages of 5 and 15 years old who have come to Christ during each service! Unfortunately we have not been keeping count of the exact number, but one thing is for sure, it supersedes those of adults.  However, we have had 8 adult salvations so far; 5 in the Dominican Republic and 3 in Haiti! Praise God!


Thank you for all the prayers!  God heard our prayers and released grace for the situation.  The shipping company delivered the rest of the supplies Friday night; right on time for us to put them in the hands of the children before I return to U.S. on December 23.  Please continue to pray!  We still have 4 more cities to visit and 393 more Christmas bags to deliver for the kiddos, as well as many more hot meals to prepare and 16 bales of gently used clothing to give away!

We never stop making mention of you before the Lord for your faith in Christ and your willingness to help the poor.

Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above and beyond what we can think, ask or imagine, be glory, majesty, dominion, and authority, before all time and now and forever.  Amen

We love you,

Gary & Linda