Dominican Republic Update December 13, 2022

Dominican Republic Update December 13, 2022

Greetings Beloved! 

We are thankful and greatly encouraged by your prayers and your generous action which helps us further the work of the kingdom.

Thanks again for your prayers, they mean so much.

I arrived safely in the DR on December 9th. 

Right away I hit the ground running preparing to celebrate Jesus with several hundred children, even possibly over a thousand, depending on whether we received the second shipment we sent a couple of weeks prior to my trip.

So far we’ve already assembled 419 Christmas gifts for children between the ages of 2 -13 years old and hopefully making many more!

Yesterday, together with our local team, we prepared 265 food kits to help those in need. Each kit contains; rice, beans, sugar, cooking oil, a container of salt, and a large stick of salami.

Starting today, we’re going to minister the gospel to children and adults alike!  Please pray for a successful day!! I’m believing God for new souls for His Kingdom!

Again, thank you for your prayers, please don’t stop!! ☺️

Love you all!