February 2023 Mission Update

February 2023 Mission Update

Greeting Saints of the Living God!

We pray this letter finds you and your loved ones prospering and in good health even as your souls prospers.  Thank you for all your prayers and financial contributions which helped make it possible to reach out and touch so many lives for Christ throughout 2022.

We pray that the Lord would remember you and that He would answer your prayers and bless you’re going and you’re coming!  We pray that He would bless you with treasures that money cannot buy and that your sons and daughters would be filled with the Holy Spirit and walk in obedience.  May His joy be your strength and His peace be yours to keep in the Name of Jesus!

We love you and appreciate you greatly for encouraging us in doing the work of God.   Please remember that you are making a huge difference in the world for Jesus and great is your reward in Heaven.

Last January while I was praying for the people of Haiti; particularly for those whom God has entrusted to us over the years.  I asked the Lord to show me new and creative ways to help.  As you know, the Lord is always doing a new thing, and truly, the key to Him revealing His heart to us, is for us to show interest in what’s in His heart.  Sometimes I pray, Lord break my heart with what breaks your heart and if we ask Him with a sincere heart, surely, He will include our name in His story.

Not long after my prayer, a pastor wrote to asked me if there was any way we could help him with groceries for his family. He told me that if a miracle doesn’t happen for the nation, many of them will die from starvation.  He went on to say many times he and his family go to bed hungry, and he desperately needs help to stay focused on his pastoral duties.

Often pastors are the last on the list of people whom we think need to be ministered too.  Pastors do so much but sometimes don’t get recognize enough.  I really felt this was an answer to my prayer and I immediately made a list of pastors in the Croix des Bouquets area and some in the City of Les Cayes.  We sent a group of volunteers from the Rock House of Prayer along with other local representatives from the south.  Each group ministered in their area by encouraging the pastors with prayer and funds to buy groceries and other household necessities for their families.  They were very grateful!   In addition, we support several pastors monthly to aid them & their families.

Feeding the Hungry

One of the most challenging issues for many Haitian families now is not knowing where their next meal is coming from. According to WFP 45% of the Haitian population are suffering from severe hunger.  It’s a proven fact that hunger causes people to have difficulty paying attention. Some people say when they are hungry it makes them feel irritable and they can’t concentrate; and if you’ve ever been hungry, you know it’s true. That’s why last year we decided to focus our attention on this matter & started a community-wide feeding program to help families cope with hunger. 

The program is for anyone in the community who needs it. It’s sort of like a food bank except we serve home cooked meals.  We cook and they come. The only responsibility the recipient has is to show up and bring his or her own bowl and we will fill it. But not just with food but with the Word of God. They always leave with a whole lot more than they came for (Matt 4:4). Initially, the outreach ran daily from Monday – Saturday, but unfortunately, we had to cut back to three days a week because of increased costs.

Last year, not only were we able to help hundreds of families in Haiti, but we were also blessed to take the gospel and Jesus’s generosity to the Dominican Republic!  During the trip, we taught and preached the gospel, prayed for lots of people and loved on the poor with much needed food supplies such as:  rice, beans, sugar, spaghetti, spices, cooking oil, salami, feminine products, soap, toothpaste and toothbrushes.  We also distributed over 1000 Christmas gift bags for children ages 5-18. We made packages and sent teams out to minister the gospel and bless families. This was very impactful.  Many regained their strength and faith and 30 people came to know the Lord!!

Love of Christ School

The school system in Haiti suffered a great setback last year due to gang violence!  It was very difficult for the students. However, even though the situation in the country remains extremely chaotic, schools are reopening & operating timidly.  Currently we only have 138 students registered so far this year; that’s the lowest number we’ve had in 10 years and it’s all due to the violence in Haiti.  A lot of families are too afraid to stay in the area, so they have moved to other places where the gangs are less active.

We Believe in Prayer @The Rock House of Prayer, Haiti

Isaiah 62: 6-7

I have posted watchmen on your walls, Jerusalem; they will never be silent day or night. You who call on the Lord, give yourselves no rest, and give Him no rest till He establishes Jerusalem and makes her the praise of the earth. So, while were praying, were caring for the of the lost and meeting the needs of the poor through your generosity.

We look forward to continue working together to further the work of the Kingdom as in years past.

 Please Pray with Us

1.         Our prayer is that one day Haiti will become a nation whose God is the Lord!

2.            Peace in Haiti

3.            We would be able to plant new churches in the south of Haiti.

We love you and appreciate you greatly.

Gary & Linda

For the fame of His Name, our Magnificent Jesus.